You know how sometimes you can meet a person for the very first time, and have an instant connection? That’s how it was for us when Adam and I met with Liz and Gabe for their engagement session. We spent the entire session laughing and making jokes like we had known each other for years!

These are two of the sweetest people that anyone could have the blessing of meeting. You can tell that Liz and Gabe are soulmates from the moment that you meet these two. Watching these two do cute nose boops throughout this session while talking about dog memes and the Avengers Endgame movie, I am truly thankful that they chose me to photograph these little snippets of their love story!

Everytime I showed Liz the back of my camera, she would gush every time and point to it with the widest smile on her face; “Oh my GOSH! GABE! You are so handsome! Look at us!! We are so cute!”

I love how Liz and Gabe trusted me throughout the entire session to find the best locations and lighting throughout the park. Especially when we needed to carry my wagon up the stairs.

Gabe and Adam carried my large blue wagon up a long path of steps, while I followed behind with Liz. Could we have walked around and avoided the stairs? Yes. But the sunset was arriving and we didn’t have time to waste! Trust me, it was worth it.

I feel so lucky to be able to capture these same beautiful moments on their wedding day in a few months.

Let the countdown begin!

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