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I’m a wedding photographer in Cincinnati, OH with an unwavering attention to detail, which, as it turns out, is exactly what you need on a wedding day. I cannot express how much I love to capture wedding days! 

Sometimes, though, people come up to me and say that wedding photography must be stressful, but do you want to know something? I don’t think it’s stressful at all! With a lighthearted approach, the right preparation and a bubbly attitude, weddings are a piece of cake (cake included!). And that’s the way it should be.

I’m traveled to Cancun and relaxed on the beach for my honeymoon in 2022! Where are you planning yours?


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My parents were married on an island that has become my favorite place in the state up north (also known as Michigan). With no cars, the best cinnamon rolls, delicious fudge and charming pebble beaches, I can’t get enough of Mackinac Island. There aren’t even any franchise hotels, which means that every place to stay is one of a kind. On that island, it’s like all of your worries melt away, and only the people and sights in front of you matter. This all-encompassing atmosphere is what you can expect with me. Simple. Quaint. Exquisite. Where only you and your family matter.


an oasis like approach

I know you’re not in front of the camera this often, but when you’re at ease, the photos turn out better because you’ll see yourself, and not someone who’s smiling on cue. That’s why I love taking engagement photos first! We’ll get to know each other before the wedding, joke around and have fun. That way, you’ll feel like a pro on your wedding day!

helping you relax


Weddings, while planned with every intention, sometimes have little speed bumps. I keep my focus on moving forward so you hardly notice a thing! (I’m known to say, “It's fiiiiine. I'm fine. Everything is fine.” And I mean, fine like a good wine — my favorite is peach wine!)

going with the flow


I’ll be right there with you to capture the best moments in the best way possible. I’ll capture what you want, all while keeping your dream wedding in mind.

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My small business journey took its first pitstop in the graphic design world, specializing in logo and branding design. Along the way, I started photographing printed work for my portfolio. It was in that small task that I fell in love with the process, developing a bright, natural and airy style. Nowadays, people like you inspire me to do a happy dance.


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Bennett is my favorite little person in the entire world. He’s my sweet, energetic son! He’s in charge of being a goober and randomly popping in to say hi during video calls! 


Husband, occasional second shooter and a nurse, Adam is incredible. We grew up in the same town, but didn’t really connect until 5 years after we graduated from high school. I feel so blessed to have him in my life.


Doggo of the family, we adopted Roosevelt from the humane society in 2019. He’s a mix with 50% golden retriever in there somehow, even though he’s black and white!

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