"Life's a beach,
Enjoy the waves."

Even though I was born in Tennessee, I am a true Ohioan by heart! 

I have a serious love for traveling and will look for any excuse to seek adventure anywhere. My favorite place to be is feeling the sand between my toes and listening to the waves on the beach! 

Home away from home is Mackinac Island, MI. It may not be the beach, but it is so relaxing and beautiful (and not to mention home of the best fudge EVER) ❤️. I absolutely love the fact that riding a bike or traveling by horse is the only mode of transportation! 🚲

My career started as a graphic designer where my talents are specialized in designing logos and branding. Alongside designing, I have also developed a passion for photography and fallen in love with the bright, natural and airy style. Creating timeless moments is what I love doing. It’s truly an honor and a blessing to view you and your loved ones through my camera lens and to capture your beautiful and amazing stories.

Cassidy alane zeiter


When I’m not near a camera or the computer, I’m enjoying the life of being a mom to my happy (and very) energetic six-year-old son, Bennett. 

Currently my days are spent going to swim lessons on the weekends, watching Bennett ride his bike and playing with the neighbor kids. Our favorite games are Chess, Mancala, Backgammon, Clue, Monopoly and Sequence!

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You can also see me relaxing on a beach chair (just because I live in Ohio all year around doesn’t mean I can’t pretend I’m on a beach 24/7) reading a sci-fi or comedy book while sipping a Starbucks drink (peach green tea is such a refreshing drink). I have a weird love for sudoku, coconut shrimp, Doctor Who and buffalo wings.

Now that you’ve read a little about me, I’d love to learn about YOU! 

Let's grab a Starbucks sometime and hang out!

My little family contains just three: Adam, Bennett and I. Adam loves being my assistant and my second photographer during photo sessions, and occasionally weddings! Behind the scenes, Bennett and Adam are two of the funniest and smartest people I have met in my entire life (okay-I might be a little biased. They’re both so cute!).
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