Happy Tuesday everyone, I can’t wait to share this beautiful blog!

I love giving my Cassidy Alane couples the first option to choose where they want their engagement session to be held. Sometimes my couples pick a wondrous location that fits with their personality, a location where they both love to frequent, or unique locations that matches their interests (like an ice cream parlor or local brewery!). For Jen and Matthew, they decided on a location that held a sentimental memory for the both of them, which made this engagement session feel so much more special! They chose the park where Matthew had asked Jen to be his girlfriend on the wooden swing overlooking the beautiful prairie area. How sweet is that?!

Jen and Matthew are naturals when it comes to posing! When we arrived at each new location within the park, these two just seemed to melt into each other perfectly. When I asked Jen and Matthew if they were comfortable doing a lifting twirl, they didn’t hesitate to say YES!! Turns out, Matthew likes to pick up and whirl Jen around quite often, even if it’s in a parking lot! This was perfect, because we had some amazing shots during our session!

My favorite part of this session was watching Matthew being incredibly sweet to Jen! He was making effortless attempts to make her laugh. Anyone can easily see how these two were made for each other!

I cannot wait for their emerald green and red wine inspired wedding this winter. Counting down the days!

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